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This is a Limited Edition Print Series that combines digital work, hand drawn work and unique embellishments. It is printed on a heavyweight watercolor paper. Matted in black. There will be 41 sets. To avoid selling out of any single print before all folks that want complete sets have been able to get them, I am selling 25 sets of prints as "SETS ONLY". As soon as those are sold or in 2 weeks whichever comes sooner, I will release what is left as single prints. This first group will include #1-21 as well as #27, #34, #36, #40 and #41. They will sell for $110.00 per 4 prints which includes shipping. The individual prints will be $31.00 which includes shipping as well. All are signed, numbered and embossed with the LJMS Art logo.


NOTE: With the Legacy Series, I sold out of "Dave" first, leaving collectors with no "Dave" in their set. Not good but I didn't realize that would happen. So...

"The Space Between" (Set of 4) Print Series

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