24" x 30" original acrylic and mixed media painting. Some paintings just breathe their way out! Acrylic paint, charcoal, pencil, marker, Conte crayon, vintage paper,. The lyrics "Don"t lose the dreams inside your head" and "Dream, little darling, dream" on the roadside sign at the top. A little car is followed by a moon at the top of the painting. Any questions? Please ask!

"Lying on the roof counting

The stars that fill the sky I wonder if

Someone in the heavens looking back down on me –

I’ll never know

So much space to believe

Funny when you’re small

The moon follows the car

There’s no one but you see

Hey, the moon is chasing me

I worried if I looked away she’d be gone

Don’t lose the dreams inside your head

They’ll only be there til you’re dead


**SOLD** "You Never Know"