24" x 30" original acrylic and mixed media painting. One-of-a-kind. Not quite sure how to give you an adequate description of this painting. It is meant as a tribute to 25 years of DMB. Within the grid layout, there are 4 rectangles representing Dave, Boyd, Stefan and Carter. Using a modeling paste, another rectangle features “Rashawn", “Tim" and “Jeff". “Grux” is at the rectangle next to Dave at the bottom. Tiny items are encased in the modeling paste in one rectangle. A Dreaming Tree, a musical note, various tiny beads and a gold Loving Wing. Another rectangle consists of titles of many songs. Each “numbered” song is represented. I always use a number of mixed elements. Several lines are sown with embroidery floss.  Vintage paper, paper towels, gold leaf…There is a “25" representing this 25th year of DMB. On the back is a small knit "bag of stick and stone”. Any questions? Please ask!

**SOLD** "25 Years" Original Painting