20" x 24"

SO this is the only painting I've ever done that was shown to me in a dream and you know what its like to try tp explain what a dream is like! But a short summary: At a particularly sad time in my life, I dreamt I stood on a hill in a pastel shadowed land with all the simple gifts floating around me. The things I love. throughout the dream floating among the clouds were the beautiful lyrics of "Best of Whats Around" with Dave's voice being a soundtrack. Ethereal, soft and yet the sadness. But the "simple gifts" reminded me to play the cards I was dealt with beauty and love. See that! I told you it was hard to describe a dream!



Original. One-of-a-kind. Acrylic paint on stretched canvas. Vintage papers, string, altered playing cards, punched papers.

Dave Shows Me "The Best of Whats Around" in the"Dream So Real" Original Painting

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