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2 Limited Edition Prints...Animals & Numbers based on classic historical paintings

#1 involves a rather animal obsessed Dave. After a night of debauchery and mischief, an entire menagerie has gathered at his feet seeking what? The pig, the doggy and bear from "WWYS", a sad monkey, the butterfly, a rather big-eyed fish, an ant, alligator and finally the elusive dodo. Hand applied details: gold firedancers and silvered chain.


#2 involves a Man of Numbers. Dave surround by 27, 36, 41, Seven, 2 Much, a DMB numbers spinner under his foot, 9 planets, 10 fingers, 8 planets, the perfect number 3. hand applied paint and gold-leaf detail.

SOLD "A Night in the Museum" Set of 2 Limited Edition Prints

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